Saturday, January 26, 2013

NEA FAC Executive Board Member Ginger Fox Advances NBI's at CTA's State Council Meeting

NBI 1/13-25

That CTA join with CFT to seek legislation to require the State of California’s Commission
on Teacher Credentialing to develop two Single Subject Credentials, one in Dance and one in
Theatre, with grandfathering clauses; and lobby for and support colleges and universities in
the development of high-quality Dance and Theatre Education Teacher Subject Matter
Preparation Programs leading to Single Subject Credentials in Dance and Theatre.

Rationale: Equity for Dance and Theatre as Arts Education is vital to ensure that all
California students receive a balanced, comprehensive, high-quality education including a
robust offering of curriculum, instruction, and courses in the Visual and Performing Arts
(VAPA). Each arts discipline (Dance, Music, Theatre, and Visual Arts) is given equal weight
in the CA Education Code (Sections 51210 and 51220), the Visual and Performing Arts
Framework for CA, K-12, and the Federal and State VAPA Content Standards. Dance and
Theatre are the only two NCLB “Core Academic Subjects” with discrete Federal and State
Content Standards that do not have corresponding California Single Subject Credentials; and
few universities offer Teacher Prep Programs in Dance and Theatre. Without Single Subject
Credentials and adequate teacher Subject Matter Prep Programs in Dance and Theatre, CA
school districts are hard-pressed to recruit, contract and retain “Highly-Qualified Teachers”
specifically trained and expert in Dance and Theatre, sustain robust Dance and Theatre
programs and fully implement the VAPA Framework and Content Standards for all students
in all arts disciplines.

[Submitted by Ginger Rose Fox and Janet Lee Davis]


NBI 1/13-26

That CTA lobby, support, and encourage its locals to work with their districts for full
implementation of the Visual and Performing Arts Content Standards by following the VAPA
Framework for CA Schools, K-12, and offering a comprehensive, sequential and balanced
course of study in all VAPA disciplines, including Dance and Theatre, as an essential part of
the core curriculum for all students, in all CA schools, as required by the CA Ed Code (51210
and 51220).

Rationale: All CA students deserve equal access to a balanced, comprehensive, high-quality
education including a robust offering of curriculum, instruction and courses in the Visual and
Performing Arts: Dance, Music, Theatre and the Visual Arts. Access to and participation in
VAPA is an integral part of every student’s intellectual, physical, social, emotional, creative,
cultural and civic development. Misplaced economic priorities and mandates from NCLB
have led to an elimination of Arts Education in CA public schools. A disproportionate number
of students denied access to VAPA are English Language Learners, minority students,
Students with Disabilities, and those from economically disadvantaged families, resulting in
an inequity in public school arts education offerings and a denial of a high-quality, well-rounded,
comprehensive education that all students deserve.

[Submitted by Ginger Rose Fox and Janet Lee Davis]


Thursday, January 24, 2013

The STE(A)M Caucus Hits Capitol Hill

How easy is this?  Send a copy of our STE(A)M letter to your elected officials.

The Honorable _____________________

United States House of Representatives

Re: In support of House Resolution 51 (STEM to STEAM)

Dear Representative ________________,

I wanted to bring to your attention the recent formation of the bipartisan STEAM Caucus co-chaired by Representatives Suzanne Bonamici (D-OR) and Aaron Schock (R-IL), and encourage you to consider joining your colleagues in working to turn STEM to STEAM.