Sunday, July 6, 2014

07.05.2014 NEA FAC Announcement

Please see an important note to members of the caucus

LUNCH CAUCUS CANCELLED   Because our lunch break is only 30 minutes long today, we WILL NOT be having a caucus meeting during the lunch break today. 

NEA FAC EXECUTIVE BOARD MEETING @ 300 PM.  The old and newly elected NEA FAC Board will meet at booth 62 & 63 to take care of business to wrap up our work at the 2014 RA.  Individuals take and leave office at the drop of the gavel today.

2014-2015 EXECUTIVE BOARD ELECATIONS  Congratulations to Jessica Fitzwater (2014-2016 chair); Tom McLaughlin (2014-2015 vice-chair); Oscar Forsman (2014-2016 treasurer) on their election to office.  Equal congratulations to 2014-2015 discipline representatives to the executive board: Lance (drama NJ); Nettie Doyle (drama MO);Ginger Fox (dance CA);  Michael Gary (dance NJ); Pam Gibberman (music); Carlos Meikel (art CO); Susan PInkney Todd (art CO);

NEA FINE ARTS CAUCUS NAME CHANGE   Delegates made history in renaming the NEA FINE ARTS CAUCUS the NEA ARTS EDUCATION CAUCUS in a Constitutional vote (48 favor-0 oppose).  The name will take effect as soon as the 2014 RA “gavels out”.

NEA FINE ARTS CAUCUS MEMBERSHIP CATEGORY ADDED  Delegate have voted to add a non-voting category of membership called the NEA FINE ARTSC CAUCUS HONORARY LIFETIME MEMBERSHIP (46 favor, 2 oppose).  There are currently 4 honorary lifetime members: Lily Eskelsen Garcia; Deb Turici; Charles Fry; Bob Lague.

Saturday, July 5, 2014

NEA FAC July 5, 2014 Agenda

We have battled technology problems again today.  We apologize for these being posted so late.  You will find the agenda here More to follow...we hope.

Friday, July 4, 2014

Many Hands Make Light Work

We need some help at the NEA Fine Arts Caucus Booth during the next few days.  No experience is needed and we need our NEA ARTS COLLEAGUES to be organized within our caucus to do the important work and lobbying within the NEA to advance our agenda that demands that EVERYONE DESERVES AN ARTS EDUCATION.  Our booth allows us to raise money for the NEA FAC and allows us to organize our members.  Please drop by the NEA FAC BOOTH (62 & 63) and sign up to work at least one of the shifts.  Thanks, in advance, to all of you who lend a hand.

Thursday, July 3, 2014

July 3, 2014 NEA FAC RA TODAY

Directions to the meeting room, our agenda, minutes, news and important documents located at


Sorry for the confusion and inconvenience…we are doing the best job we can, considering the fact that we were not assigned a room until tomorrow.  Many other caucuses are dealing with this as well.  We have filed a complaint with the RA Oversight Committeee.

To find us, follow these easy directions: from the NEA CAFÉ, exit through the doorway labels Exhibition Hall B, go down the escalator, take one left and the first right.  Then, look for our banner or listen for the laughter to find us.


We need your help with our NBI—no experience is needed and we will provide you with a script and easy-to-follow directions.  If you are willing to help, please show up for a short meeting in front of the Iowa delegation 10 minutes after Dennis VanRoekel’s Keynote Address.  Iowa will coordinated the efforts.  SEE RESOLUTION in the link to the left. SEE MIC YIELDING FORM in the link to the left.