Monday, November 29, 2010

Kids Learn How to Make Music without Instruments

By Lisa Schencker
The Salt Lake Tribune
First published Nov 26 2010 11:43PM
Updated Nov 29, 2010 10:55PM

In less than five minutes, 13-year-old Destiny Sivels produced a techno song, complete with a staccato beat, snare loop, synthesized bass and male vocals exclaiming in a high voice, “I hear destiny calling me.”

She had no instruments, no experience and is not a musical prodigy. She’s just a seventh-grader who took a music creation and production class at Northwest Middle School in Salt Lake City.

“It’s really easy,” Sivels said, removing her padded headphones. “I thought of it because my name is Destiny.”

Thursday, November 25, 2010

What the Election Results Mean for the Arts

Most of the nation has happily put the elections behind them and are looking forward to the holidays but here at the Arts Action Fund we wanted to take a few moments to explain what the elections mean for the arts and arts education.

There will be more than 100 freshmen entering Congress this year – 16 new Senators and 94 new Representatives. This new group entering the House of Representatives means the House will switch from a Democratic majority to a Republican majority. Why does this matter for the arts? Well, it means that

Monday, November 22, 2010

VISTA: Teachers look for ways to pay for music classes

Educators hope to raise $400,000 to keep program going

A group of music teachers in the Vista Unified School District is working to raise money so it can save music classes at the district's 17 elementary schools.

The school board voted in March to cancel the program at the end of the school year if no additional funding could be found..

The seven teachers must raise about $400,000 to pay for their salaries and benefits next year so the program can continue, said Susan Stuber, one of the teachers.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

NEA Fine Arts Caucus Agenda 11/21/2010

7:00 PM CST * 5:00 PST * 8:00 EST
Conference Dial-in Number: 605.475.4000
Participant Access Code: 604735#
During the call: *3 Exit the call; *4 Conference call instructions; *6 Mute/Unmute

I. Roll Call
II. Adoption/modification of Agenda
III. Approval of 10/24/2010 Minutes

NEA Fine Arts Caucus Minutes 11/21/2010

Meeting was called to order at 5:14 PST by Vice Chair, Debbie Turici

Executive Board Members present: Tom McLaughlin, IA, Debbie Turicci., PA, Oscar Forsman, IL, Kathi Zamora, NV,  Dan, Caruso, PA, Pam Gibberman, CA

Committee Members present: Rich Nicklay, IA, Charlie Fry, PA, Joe Barell, CA

Absent: Sue Lemmo, CT, Robert Lague, MA, Jack Rowe IN

Oscar moved to approve the agenda, Dan seconded. Motion carried.

Charlie moved, Dan seconded to approve the minutes for 24 October 2010. Motion carried.

There were no NEAFAC updates presented.

Moderated by Nicklay and Fry

Discussion about how to clarify terms, “annual meeting” and “meetings”. It was decided when the changes are proposed at the RA, the proposed clarification can be presented and voted upon. The proposed language would be “annual meeting” to mean the RA and caucus meeting would be called sessions, not meeting.

There was discussion concerning annual audit. The language would be placed in article 2. The audit will be completed prior to the annual meeting. It was decided that the audit will be done by 3 caucus member whot are not officers. They should be NEAFC members who are present at the RA. It is preferred that the report be presented to the officers in March or April. It will be presented no later than the first meeting at RA.

Procedures and duties for officers will be clarified.

VI. Logo Contest

Turricci lead the lengthy discussion.  There were several discussions that took place and the decisions are as follows:

• It will be announced in the newsletter
• It is open to members only, in good standing
• Can be submitted as a hard copy or electronically\
• The winning logo will become the property of the NEAFAC
• The design should included the current NEA logo, fine arts caucus and graphics respresenting the fine arts
• The prize will be $100
• The deadline for submission is 1 March 2011

Debbie will chair the judging panel.

Pam moved and Kathi seconded approval of the prize. Motion carried unanimously.

VIII.  NEA Performing Arts Task Force

McLaughlin reported on the work done in planning for the December 8, 2010 meeting.  A great body of research has been used to help the Task Force design its meeting and agenda.  The committee of five will meet twice but will work with each other frequently between the meetings so that the group can accomplish its lofty goal.
IX.  NEAFAC Endorsement Process

Discussion was held concerning the questions that will be asked candidates that wish to earn the endorsement of the FAC. The information discussed was from Deb’s document. Some concern was expressed about breaking down some of the questions into too fine an area, and perhaps looking splintered. Also, be sure to include what are you going to do about some of the fine arts educators concerns. Emphasize the partnership of arts and education. It was decided to finalize the questions during the December meeting.

X.  Resolutions and NBI’s

McLaughlin, Gibberman and Turricci each have one NBI for the next RA.

XI.  NEAFAC Regional Conference Agendas

Lemmo and Turricci will attend Northeast Regional.  We will have a caucus at that conference.
Gibberman or Bartell will attend Western Regional.  We will have a caucus at that conference.
McLaughlin will attend Midwest Regional.  We will have a caucus at that conference.
Meeting adjourned at 7:40 PST

Respectfully submitted,
Kathi Zamora
NEA FAC Secretary

Saturday, November 20, 2010

NEA Fine Arts Task Force--Proposed NEA Fine Arts Task Force Meeting Agenda

Wednesday, December 8, 2010 Conference Call 5:00-6:00 Eastern Standard Time

Committee Members: Princess Moss, Co-Chair; Greg Johnson, Co-Chair; Andrew Corbin, Committee Member (NC);Tom McLaughlin, Committee Member (IA); Jennifer Roberts, Committee Member (SD).

Staff Liaisons: Derrick Johnson, NEA Governance & Policy, Christopher Thomas, NEA Governance & Policy


I. Call to Order

II. Welcome/ Introductions

III. Reviewing the NBI charge
     a) Specifying President Van Roekel’s deadline
     b) Specifying the Cost
     c) Clarifying the scope of the charge

IV. Data review and discussion (see below for these studies)
     a) Results of E-Survey (NBI 52)
     b) Other Studies
           i) No Child Left Behind: A Study of Its Impact on Arts
                       Education by F. Robert Sabol
           ii) Access to Arts Education by General Accountability
                        Office, February 2009
           iii) The Transformative Power of Arts in Closing the
                        Achievement Gap by Fred Dobb
           iv) Cultural Responsiveness, Racial Identity, and
                        Academic Success by Mary Stone Hanley and
                        George W. Noblit (pgs. 65-71)

V. Discussion
     a) Implementation plan
     b) Implementation timeline
     c) Evaluation of implementation

VI. Next Steps

Sunday, November 7, 2010

What Do the Election Results Mean for the Public Education and the Arts

The 2010 elections featured 37 Governors races, 37 U.S. Senate contests, 435 U.S. House races, dozens of ballot measures and initiatives, 6,118 state legislative seats in 46 states and myriad local elections across the country. As of this writing, Republicans have picked up at least 60 seats in the House. Republicans also picked up significant seats in the U.S. Senate, but Democrats still have enough seats to control the chamber. There are several races too close to call/likely recounts in both the House and Senate, thus, the ultimate makeup of the 112th Congress will not be known for several more weeks.