Wednesday, October 12, 2011


Dear NEA FAC Members,

The latest draft budget bill released last week by the House Appropriations Committee for fiscal year 2012 would zero out the entire $27 million budget for the Arts in Education program.  New York, as the largest recipient of funding through this program, would lose nearly $10 million alone of crucial funding for arts education.

WE NEED YOU TO RESPOND TO YOUR LEGISLATORS.  The draining of funding from Arts Education must end.

Thousands of school children here in New York State, and hundreds of thousands more across the country, gain access to high quality arts programming through this important program.  For many of these students this is the only opportunity they have to participate in dance, theater, music and visual arts education at school.   

Ask your Member of Congress to fight again to save this important arts education program.

Thank you for joining our efforts to save arts education


Doug Israel
Director of Research and Policy

Sunday, October 9, 2011


NEA Fine Arts Caucus Agenda
Sunday, October 09, 2011
7:30 PM CST * 5:30 PST * 8:30 EST
I.          Roll Call of Executive Board Members
Chair - Tom McLauglin (IA); Vice-Chair - Debbie Turici (PA); Secretary - Rich Nicklay (IA); Treasurer - Oscar Forsman (IL); Music - Pam Gibberman (CA), Jessica Fitzwater (MD); Visual Arts - Dorian Clouser (TX), Carlos Meikel (CO); Dance and Drama - Ginger  Fox (CA), Carol Woodman (WA); Co-Founder--Bob Lague (MA)

Roll Call of Committee Volunteers
Floor Strategy--Kathi Zamora (NV) & Dan Caruso; Scholarship—Tom McLaughlin (IA), Rich Nicklay (IA), Dan Caruso (MA), Tom McLaughlin (IA); Membership—Jessica Fitzwater (MD) and Shawne Stone (WA); Non-Profit Table—Pam Gibberman (CA) & Jack Rowe (IA); Special Events/Promotional Materials—Tom McLaughlin (IA), Paulett Hahn, Jessica Fitzwater; Newsletter—Steve Dinneno (PA), Shawne Stone (WA); Candidate Endorsement Sarah Tochiki, Sue Lemma (PA); Design a Logo Contest—Deb Turici (PA)
II.         Adoption of the Agenda for 10.9.2011. (attachment