Saturday, November 20, 2010

NEA Fine Arts Task Force--Proposed NEA Fine Arts Task Force Meeting Agenda

Wednesday, December 8, 2010 Conference Call 5:00-6:00 Eastern Standard Time

Committee Members: Princess Moss, Co-Chair; Greg Johnson, Co-Chair; Andrew Corbin, Committee Member (NC);Tom McLaughlin, Committee Member (IA); Jennifer Roberts, Committee Member (SD).

Staff Liaisons: Derrick Johnson, NEA Governance & Policy, Christopher Thomas, NEA Governance & Policy


I. Call to Order

II. Welcome/ Introductions

III. Reviewing the NBI charge
     a) Specifying President Van Roekel’s deadline
     b) Specifying the Cost
     c) Clarifying the scope of the charge

IV. Data review and discussion (see below for these studies)
     a) Results of E-Survey (NBI 52)
     b) Other Studies
           i) No Child Left Behind: A Study of Its Impact on Arts
                       Education by F. Robert Sabol
           ii) Access to Arts Education by General Accountability
                        Office, February 2009
           iii) The Transformative Power of Arts in Closing the
                        Achievement Gap by Fred Dobb
           iv) Cultural Responsiveness, Racial Identity, and
                        Academic Success by Mary Stone Hanley and
                        George W. Noblit (pgs. 65-71)

V. Discussion
     a) Implementation plan
     b) Implementation timeline
     c) Evaluation of implementation

VI. Next Steps

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