Sunday, May 6, 2012

Proposed New Business Items


Work to highlight student performances during NEA events.

Develop workshops on arts education to be conducted at the NEA Regional Conferences.

Devote portions of NEA’s TODAY to the arts;

Act as a partner with fine arts organizations to disseminate existing arts advocacy information and develop additional resources that create the “NEA Arts Advocacy Toolkit.”  The NEA Arts Advocacy Guide will be posted on the NEA website.

The NEA Arts Resource Guide will contain pieces that address the importance of the arts in a student’s comprehensive education, the need for the arts to be represented in curriculum reform, highlight models of effective advocacy campaigns and provide specific tools for students, arts educators and supportive patrons to use as they advocate for students.

Promote the Arts Advocacy Resource Guide in the NEA Communique, at NEA events, on the website and in social media.

Rationale:  It is our responsibility to make sure that the arts be protected in these trying times.  Educators and community members need guidance and support to keep arts programs as a vital part of a student’s comprehensive education.

NEA Fine Arts Caucus members have researched these sites and will gladly do the legwork to assist NEA Communications in accomplishing this.

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