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NEA FAC Minutes June 30, 2012

NEA Fine Arts Caucus Minutes
Annual Executive Board Meeting June 30, 2012
Room 147B Conventions Center 4:00-5:30 PM

I. Call to Order
Tom McLaughlin, President @ 4:08PM as we reacquainted ourselves and waited for lost folks.

II. Roll Call and Establishment of Quorum
Rich Nicklay, Secretary

Chair - Tom McLaughlin (IA)
Vice-Chair - Debbie Turici (PA)
Secretary - Rich Nicklay (IA)
Treasurer - Oscar Forsman (IL)

Music -
Jessica Fitzwater (MD) Pam Gibberman (CA)
Visual Arts -
Sue Lemmo (PA), Carlos Meikel (CO)
Dance/Drama -
Ginger Fox (CA), Carol Woodman (WA)

Charlie Fry (PA), Jack Rowe (IN)

III. Adoption of Agenda
Moved/Seconded (Lemmo/Fry) w/flexibility

American for the Arts Guests - spoke to Executive Board - left resources to distribute at table.

American for the Arts (Kristen Engebretsen)
Gave a brief overview of American for the Arts; building leadership, works actively w/
arts organization in DC area; works w/politics on the hill; development they offer; distributed “Arts
Education Field Guide”, 5,000 professional members

A 501(c)(4) nonprofit membership organization affiliated with Americans for the Arts.
Nation's leading nonprofit organization for advancing the arts in America. Launched in 2004, the Arts
Action Fund seeks to engage citizens in education and advocacy in support of the arts and arts education.
The Arts Action Fund's goals are to: Enlist and mobilize 1 million citizen activists who will help ensure
that public and private resources are maximized and that arts-friendly public policies are adopted at the
federal, state, and local levels. Currently 40,000 members
American for the Arts Action Fund (Victoria Baatin)

Banners ($583) & iStock Photos ($480)
Lapel Pins 500 @ $2.78 / Total $1,390
Signage - Tom McLauglin presented a multitude of wonderful/professional looking
permanent signs he has created/designed.
BALANCE $4,527.20 (Checking - $1,026.08, Savings - $4,500.88)
Total membership $10.00
2.78 pin / .46Cents ribbon


passionately about the arts. NEA Executive Committee up for re-election
Visitor - Greg Jonson, HS Choir Director Mustang, Oklahoma, teacher 28 years, spoke

renamed NEA FAC Ruth Ann Teague Scholarship, includes bio of Ruth Ann Teague.
Scholarship applications will be available at the non-profit booth table.
Scholarship - Nicklay read the changes in scholarship form, deadline date March 1, officially

New Business Item “Fine Arts Advocacy Resource Guide”
Discussion about language changes. Corrected copy will be brought to the Sunday noon meeting.
IA will get the 50 delegates signature at their morning caucus.

New Business

Discussion around if anyone interested in writing a NBI in reference to this topic.
Another discussion about if there is a need to address the # of minutes allocated to the arts in the school

B.  Work table and procedures.

X. Announcements

XI. Adjournment (Meeting informally adjourned at 5:39 PM)
XII. Dates for 2012 NEA FAC Caucus meetings
A. Sunday, July 1
12:00-1:00pm, Convention Center Salon B

B. Monday, July 2
9:30-10:00am, Convention Center FAC Booth - Tables 36 & 37)
Booth Setup from 11:30-Noon
Lunch Break, Convention Center Room 147B

C. Tuesday, Wednesday, July 3-4
9:30-10:00am, Convention Center Room 147B
Lunch Break, Convention Center Room 147B

D.  Thursday, July 5
9:30-10:00am, Convention Center Room 147B
Lunch Break, Convention Center Room 147B
4:00 PM Booth Strike & New Executive Board Meeting
Motion (Woodman/Meikel): A NEA FAC $10.00 membership will include a ribbon and a pin. To
purchase a pin only, the cost is $5.00 without membership status.
Discussion occurred. Our goal of NEA FAC is to increase membership, which increases
exposure. Moved (Woodman/Fitzwater) Passed
Membership Pins/Ribbons
Treasurer’s Report

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