Thursday, May 30, 2013

NEA Fine Arts Caucus Agenda Sunday, June 2, 2013,

NEA Fine Arts Caucus Agenda
Sunday, June 2, 2013,
7:30 PM CST * 5:30 PST * 8:30 EST

I. Roll Call of Executive Board Members

  • OFFICERS--Tom McLaughlin (IA), Chair; Jessica Fitzwater (MD), Vice-Chair; Rich Nicklay (IA), Secretary; Oscar Forsman (IL), Treasurer.
  •  EXECUTIVE BOARD--Pam Gibberman (CA), Music; Sue Lemmo (PA), Visual Arts; Carlos Meikel (CO), Visual Art; Ginger Fox (CA), Dance; Carol Woodman (WA), Drama; Michael Gary (TX), Dance; Dawn Moretz (NC), Drama.
II. Point of personal privilege from the Chair/Schedule for Next Meeting.

III. Adoption of the Agenda for 6.2.2013. (attachment Agenda NEA FAC June 2 , 2013

IV. Adoption of Minutes from our last meeting [attachment May 28, 2013 NEA FAC Minutes coming from Rich Nicklay (IA), Secretary]

V. Treasurer’s Update [attachment coming from Oscar Forsman (IL), Treasurer) Treasurer’s Report)

     A. INFORMATION ONLY: Balances from Financial Report
          1. Savings $5,505.54;
          2. Checking $2,774.03
     B. Payment of 2012 Reimbursements (attachment 2012 Receipts
     C. Debit Cards update.
     D. INFORMATION ONLY: Oscar Forsman will appoint an Audit Committee at RA 2013.

VI. STE(A)M NBI Item for RA 2013 and Steam Campaign Logon to to see the campaign.

       A. Please follow the page.
       B. Please try out the “practice blog.”
       C. Please friend us on Facebook

VII. Introduction of Arts and the Common Core NBI.

VIII. Other

IX. Adjournment

Submitted respectfully,

Tom McLaughlin,
NEA Fine Arts Caucus Chair

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