Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Reason 20 of 45 in Our 45 Day Countdown to the NEA RA's Adoption of the NEA FINE ARTS CAUCUS STE(A)M New Business Item

What is STE(A)M?

Arts integration: Putting the (A) Into STE(A)M Curriculum: Melanie Skankey--a Drama/Arts Generalist Elementary Teacher at TEDxSUU--Really Cool Stuff

A really energetic teacher who shows "HOW" we should best prepare our students for the future in the information age.  Be patient with this video.  Even though an energetic teacher, she starts showing some demonstrations at a little before four minutes and some really cool case studies at about 12 minutes.  Some nice examples of students putting science learning in their bodies and how we need to focus on larger ideas and concepts like systems, monlogues to explore the Trail of Tears, acting out math problems, drawings to demonstrate "push and pull", and more...

So why does the (A) belong in STE(A)M?  (1) Art is play.  Play gives students to practice what they are learning and that's part of what arts integration does: drawing a mural to demonstrate an understanding of ecosystems, creating a play to describe the life of a seed.  (2) Creative Thinking; (3) Adaptability; (4) Working in Groups; (5) Synergy; (6) Empathic Responses to History; and more.

"Do not keep your students in school through compulsion but through play."  --PLATO

"Mrs. I like your class because it's like recess.  I get to move and play and learn all at the same time."  -- Melanie Skankey's student.

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