Friday, June 14, 2013

Unveiling the Revised NEA FAC's STEAM Initiative Buttons

Delegates to the 2013 RA will have the opportunity to help us advocate for
great instructional practice by using Arts Integration as a tool in the STEM
fields along with other fields to enhance student learning.  These buttons will
be given to NEAFAC members and up to 1000 other supporters of our initiative.
Button design by Tom McLaughlin (IA), NEA FAC Chair.
Of course, these will be UNION MADE and will have the union bug at the bottom.
Thanks to NEA FAC Vice-Chair Jessica Fitzwater (MD--Music); Secretary Rich Nicklay (IA--Music); Treasurer Oscar Forsman (IL--Music) and Executive Board Members Ginger Fox (CA--Drama/Dance),  and Sue Lemmo (PA--Visual Arts) for their suggestions and feedback in our revision process.

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