Friday, July 2, 2010

NEA Fine Arts Caucus Meeting Minutes – Thursday, July 1, 2010

*Meeting called to order at 4:00 pm by Debbie Turici, Acting Chair
*In attendance: Debbie Turici (PA), John R. Kovalchik (PA), Robert A. Lague (MA), Charlie Fry (PA)
Pamela Gibberman (CA), Oscar Forsman (IL), Tom McLaughlin (IA)

*Reviewed the NEA-FAC Rules of Procedure

*Update of leadership – two of four officers were not elected to attend the NEA (Cheryl Looney-Whitney, Chair and Albert Stellmach, Vice-Chair); D. Turici to serve as Temporary Chair for today then as Vice-Chair; Kathi Zamora, Secretary, will serve as Chair; Bob Lague – Treasurer; need to appoint Secretary;
*FAC Non-Profit Booth and Caucus Meeting notices– Bob Lague ordered room for meetings and table for booth; Tom McLaughlin placed signs about FAC meetings in convention hall

*Other items needed for booth – banner (P. Gibberman); tshirts, membership forms (K. Zamora); pins (B. Logue); new shirts (J. Rowe); NO ribbons; FAC not listed in handbook (too late); sign-up sheet for volunteers for booth needed – setup: July 3, 11-5; July 4-6, 9am-5am

*Newsletter – June 2010 – Albert Stellmach sent out newsletter via email and mail

*Website – Oscar Forsman reported on website

*Discussion – updating Constitution and By-Laws, setting policies, establishing timeline, phone conferencing, communication, what states have a Fine Arts Caucus; ESEA’s “Blueprint for Reform” booklet from the Dept. of Education; art competition (PA Fabric of Unionism examples); getting special speaker for meeting (Diane Ravitch, Peter Yarrow – examples); establishing an NEA Liaison (L. Ekelson, P. Moss) (J. Kovalchik); national professional organizations – NAEA, MENC, EDTA; sending a letter to each state president, in August, regarding FAC –(T. McLaughlin and B. Lague)

*Handouts with discussion: AFT Magazine arts article;

*FAC Scholarship – only one applicant and recipient, Brian Rosenthal, $500

Adjourned at 5:30 pm

Respectfully submitted by Debbie Turici

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