Monday, December 20, 2010

B-46. Physical Education

The National Education Association believes that physical activity and exercise are essential for good health and must be encouraged during the developmental years of students. The Association also believes that a comprehensive program of physical education should be provided daily in grades pre-k through adult in or
on facilities designed for that purpose. Physical education programs and curricula should follow national standards as set forth by the appropriate professional organizations; should be developmentally appropriate, sequential, cooperative in nature, and culturally sensitive; and should—

a. Emphasize physical activity, fitness, exercise, and good health; skills of sports, games, dance, and basic movement; and related concepts and knowledge
b. Assess students, including physical fitness testing, as a culmination of preparatory activities, and develop a fitness plan that is tracked for progress
c. Provide for the special needs of students with low fitness, physical disabilities, or learning disabilities
d. Be taught by teachers licensed in physical education
e. Be taught with the same student/teacher ratio as other grade-level class sizes. (1991, 2004)

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