Thursday, December 23, 2010

Honoring Inspired Teaching

Dear NEA Fine Arts Caucus member:

In my public middle school in Queens, we had a chorus teacher who made that school a home for many, many kids, including me. This teacher, Mr. DiNapoli, took the chorus on trips to DC, bike trips around the city, attended our bar mitzvahs and confirmations, and ultimately served as a locus of community – not only leading the chorus with great skill, but teaching us about discipline and citizenship. I will be forever grateful for the world-class education I received in my neighborhood school through Mr. DiNapoli. It is impossible for me to imagine what school would have been like without him.
Do you have a Mr. DiNapoli in your school, in your life?

At The Center for Arts Education, we know there are many talented and skilled teachers and we want to recognize them. We also want to ensure that children in public schools across New York City have those talented and amazing teachers in their classrooms.

We invite you to lend your support in celebration of great teachers and teaching. Your gift, which may be made in honor of an educator, will help CAE provide training for more educators to bring theatre and dance, music and visual arts into their schools and classrooms to create vibrant places of learning. Visit our Wall of Inspiration in Education to see how you can join CAE in honoring educators this holiday season.

Great teachers can be heroes, making the difference between success and failure. Donate today, and together we can give more teachers the tools to be great!

Richard Kessler
Executive Director

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