Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Current NEA Programs, Initiatives and Resources for the Task Force

Please find listed current NEA Programs and Initiatives that the Task Force could possibly "partner" with to elevate Arts Advocacy.

NEA’s Priority Schools Strategic Goal and Campaign – Advocacy Campaign
NEA’s Advocacy Core Service and Campaigns and Elections Department – Advocacy Campaign Activities
NEA’s Student Learning Core Service – Achievement Gaps Advocacy
NEA’s Partnership Core Service – Minority Community Outreach Partnership Advocacy Activities
NEA Academy – Promotional Purposes
NEA’s 21st Century Skills Initiative – Advocacy Campaign Activities
NEA’s ESEA Campaign – Advocacy Campaign Activities Development
NEA’s Interactive Media Department – Advertising in NEA Publication/Website
NEA Research Department – Research Support
NEA’s Family School Community and Public Engagement Project – Advocacy Campaign Activities
NEA’s Quality School Programs and Resources – Advocacy Campaign Activities