Monday, July 4, 2011

FAC Agenda RA Meeting 7.5.2011

NEA Fine Arts Caucus Agenda
Tuesday, July 5, 2011
Working Lunch/Meeting 135N
I.              Call to Order
II.            Roll Call/Introductions
III.           Adoption/modification of Agenda
IV.           Approval of  July 4, 2011 Minutes
V.            Committees
                A.  Audit
                B.  Floor Strategy
              C.  Scholarship Selection
                D.  Design a Logo
                E.   Newsletter
                F.   Candidate Endorsements
                G.   RA Non-Profit Table
                H.   Membership
                I.    Special Events
                J.    Others?
VI.           Post RA 2011 Follow Up
                A.   NBIs 2012
                B.   Directory
                 C.   State Caucus
                 D.  Post RA Survey
                 E.  Thank You letters
                 F.  Concerns/Complaints
                G.  RA 2012 Material (ribbons, pins, shirts, other?)
                H.  Others?
VII.          Membership Updates
VIIII.       Election Results
X.             Announcements/Other
XI.           Adjournment
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