Monday, July 18, 2011


NEA Fine Arts Caucus Agenda
Monday, July 18, 2011,
7:30 PM CST * 5:30 PST * 8:30 EST
I.          Roll Call of Executive Board Members
Chair - Tom McLauglin (IA); Vice-Chair - Debbie Turici (PA); Secretary - Rich Nicklay (IA); Treasurer - Oscar Forsman (IL); Music - Pam Gibberman (CA), Jessica Fitzwater (MD); Visual Arts - Dorian Clouser (TX), Carlos Meikel (CO); Dance and Drama - Ginger  Fox (CA), Carol Woodman (WA); Co-Founder--Bob Lague (MA)

Roll Call of Committee Volunteers
Floor Strategy--Kathi Zamora (NV) & Dan Caruso; Scholarship—Tom McLaughlin (IA), Rich Nicklay (IA), Dan Caruso (MA), Tom McLaughlin (IA); Membership—Jessica Fitzwater (MD) and Shawne Stone (WA); Non-Profit Table—Pam Gibberman (CA) & Jack Rowe (IA); Special Events/Promotional Materials—Tom McLaughlin (IA), Paulett Hahn (WI), Jessica Fitzwater (MD); Newsletter—Steve Dinneno (PA), Shawne Stone (WA); Candidate Endorsement Sarah Tochiki (HI), Sue Lemma (PA); Design a Logo Contest—Deb Turici (PA)

II.         Adoption of the Agenda for 7.18.2011. (attachment 7.18.01)
II.         Adoption of Minutes from July 5, 2011 Meeting. (attachment 7.18.02)
III.        Treasurer’s Report (attachment 7.18.03)
A.  Submission of Receipts approved for payment at the RA--$156.76 or $186.66 (attachment 7.18.04)
B.  Bank Change

IV.        Elect Results Official Canvassing (attachment 7.18.05 & 718.06)
V.         Meetings & Timelines (attachments 718.07-718.09)
            January 13-15 NEA Midwest Regional Leadership Conference (Chicago, IL)
            June 30-July 5 Washington, DC
VI.        Annual Meeting/RA Post Mortem on NBIs (attachments 718.10-718.15)
VII.       The Year Ahead (attachment 7.18B & 718.C)

Audit Committee--

Floor Strategy (attachment 7.18.16)
Scholarship (attachments 718.17-718.18)
Membership (attachments 718.19-718.20)
Non-Profit Table—

Special Events/Promotional Materials—

Newsletter—(attachments 718.21-718.22)

Candidate Endorsement--(attachment 718.23)

Design a Logo Contest—(attachment 718.24-718.25)

State Caucus Starters—   yahoogroups/neafineartscaucus

Regional Directors--
XI.        Other
XI.        Adjournment

Submitted respectfully,
Tom McLaughlin,
NEA Fine Arts Caucus Chair

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