Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Fine Arts Caucus RA Meeting Minutes 7.5.2011

Minutes of Meeting
5 July 2011

Meeting was called to order by Tom McLaughlin, chair, at 3:07.

Members present briefly introduced themselves.  A sign-in sheet was passed.

Steve DiNenno moved and Dorian Clouser seconded, approval of the minutes.  Motion carried.

Jessica Fitzwater moved and Paulette Hahn seconded approval of minutes for both meetings of July 4, 2011.  Motion carried.

Volunteers were solicited for committees.  The following volunteered:
Logo design contest:  Deb Turici and Cynthia LaMere Kelly
Floor strategy:  Kathi Zamora, Dan Caruso and Steve DiNenno
Scholarship committee:  Rich Nicklay, Dan Caruso and Valeria Winston
Newletter:  Steve DiNenno and Shawne Stone
Candidate endorsements:  Sarah Tochiki and Sue Lemmo
RA non-profit table:  Pam Gibberman and Jack Rowe
Membership:  Jessica Fitzwater and Shawne Stone
Special events:  Paulette Hahn and Jessica Fitzwater

A post RA followup discussion was held.  There will be followup on both new business items.  The first will be to continue on the advocacy piece.  Secondly, NBI 51 that was referred means that it was referred to staff to investigate.  We will need to follow up on what happens.

Rich Nicklay will work on the directory.

Tom recommended that there should be a post RA survey.  However, there needs to be a piece to allow for publication of the results.

Deb will work with RA leadership on how to get a local Fabric of Unionism contest started.

There was a discussion of meeting times for next year.  No decision was reached.

Apriority for this next year is to establish a fine arts presence in each state.  The preference is for a state caucus to be in place.  Contacts were identified for each state—their charge to work on establishing a state caucus themselves, or identify someone who will.  There are sample materials available on the website to assist in this endeavor.

The volunteers are as follow:
Cynthia La Mere Kelly, WA
Tanna Puppe, MN
Heather Mayo, AZ
Carlos Meikel, CO
Paulette Hahn, WY
Kate Widhalm, NE
Jessica Fitzwater, MD
Dorian Clouser, TX
Valeria Winston, FL
Kathi Zamora, NV
Sarah Tochiki, HI
Jack Rowe, IN
Dan Caruso, MA

Election results were reported.  There are 127 members eligible to vote, 58 ballots were cast.  The results:
Secretary:  Rich Nicklay
Treasurer:  Oscar Forsman
Steering Committee
Music:  Pam Gibberman and Jessica Fitzwater
Visual Arts:  Sue Lemmo and Carlos Meikel
Dance/Theater:  Ginger Fox and Carol Woodman

Everyone will be invited to participate in the conference calls.

All incoming and outgoing officers will meet at the booth at 5:00pm to strike the booth.

Pam Gibberman moved and Carlos Meikel seconded the destruction of the ballots.  Motion carried.

Steve DiNenno moved and Pam Gibberman seconded the motion to adjourn.  Motion carried.
Meeting was adjourned at 3:52.

Respectfully submitted,
Kathi Zamora

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