Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Art Education Links

Art Integration Tools and Resources
1.) Art History Resources on the Web is a place to find various Art from different countries and time periods. A valuable resource for students who might be interested in trying to recreate a famous piece of artwork, or make their own rendition. 

2.) is a free, not-for-profit, multi-media web-book designed as a dynamic enhancement (or even substitute) for the traditional art history textbook.

3.) Art Education 2.0 is a Social Network for Art Teachers to share, discuss, and find other teachers who are using technology in the art classroom.

4.) Artsonia is the words largest online database of art created by students and shared by students. It is a chance to get your student’s work displayed for the world to see.

5.) The Letter Playground is a website for kids to draw letters of the alphabet in artistic ways and then share their creation with visitors to the site.

6.) Top 20 Art Blogs for Teachers is a great list of blogging Artist for you to follow and read and see what they are talking about as it relates to art and teaching art.

7.) Sculptris is free 3-Dimensional Sculpting software that you can download. It is pretty cool what you can do with this software. I recommend viewing the gallery.

8.) deviantART is a website for drawing online. So is bomomo, odosketch, Myoats, and Picassohead.
Each one offers a different way to be creative.

9.) The Incredible Art Department contains tons of resources, links to lesson plans, and various other activities for the Art classroom.

10.) The Texture Library houses images of several different textures that students might be interested in finding and using for an Art project.

11.) DrawIsland is a free online Drawing Palette similar to Microsoft Paint.

12.) 50 Awesome and Inspiring Art Teacher Blogs worth examining to find inspiration and ideas for teaching Art in the 21st Century.

13.) ScribblarToo is another online drawing palette, but offers a different way of drawing lines and other various shapes. You can choose your Canvas, Brush Settings, Colors, and Images.

14.) The Art Project powered by Google provides visitors the ability to take a look inside art museums and view famous pieces of art from the web. You can also create your own collection of your favorite pieces of art.

15.) Drawspace is an international community of over 320,000 drawing enthusiasts, professional artists, art educators, and authors of art books. Check out our huge (and continuously growing) library of free, downloadable, high-quality lessons authored by world-renowned artists, art educators, and authors.

16.) The Endless Mural is an interactive, collaborative art website built in HTML5. They encourage you to experiment, play and draw, using all the tools and artwork provided. When you are happy with what you have created, submit your composition to the endless mural and become a part of this global collaboration.

17.) Artfinder - Experience the discovery of art.

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