Saturday, August 11, 2012


If there was ever a doubt that Wisconsin-like, anti-education politics will be a part of this race--which there was not--today's announcement makes the threats to quality public education even more pressing.  As ARTS EDUCATORS we should have some serious concerns about this candidate and his running mate's views on what is "essential" in our "public schools."


Can you believe it? Governor Romney has doubled down on failed economic policies, those of which we know harm the middle class and do nothing to invest in our kids and schools. By naming Paul Ryan as his Vice Presidential running mate, it is crystal clear where he wants to take the country.

Ryan has repeatedly supported cuts to education funding, including blocking support intended to help avoid educator layoffs. Ryan has proposed cutting $1.1 billion from early childhood education, which would deny more than 2 million poor children the opportunity for high-quality early education.

Ryan and Romney have shown over and over again that they are more willing to run up trillion dollar deficits to help the rich get richer while undercutting opportunity for middle class families.
As an Educator for Obama, we must do everything we can to ensure the president's re-election this November. Will you join me TONIGHT in phone banking your fellow members so we can spread the message?

We need to reach out to as many fellow members as possible to let them know the stakes in this election. It is now clear that Gov. Romney and his running mate are no friends the middle class and our members need to hear it from us!

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