Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Music Education Links

Music Education and Intergration Tools

1.) Stanton’s Sheet Music is a site that provides printable sheet music for Orchestra, Concert Band, Jazz, Marching Bang, Choral, Handbell, and General music.

2.) K-12 Resources for Music Educators is a valuable resource for music educators and students of all areas and educational levels. Regularly updated. For over fifteen years, the most visited and valued music education resource website available internationally. Carefully researched and commercial free.

3.) The Virtual Piano is a web based piano that you can play using the keyboard or mouse.

4.) The Music Resources Wiki is a great resource for finding other resources. I highly recommend seeing what you can find.

5.) KissTunes turns your computer keyboard into a virtual keyboard. You can record your tunes and then upload them to popular social media sites.

6.) MusicEdTech is a blog for teachers interested in integrating technology into music education. Valuable and updated resources and experiences are shared here regularly.

7.) MusicPLN is an online social network and professional learning network for music educators to share and discuss how they are teaching music education.

8.) Staff Notes is free printable staff paper that allows customizable options for you and your students who are interested in writing their own music.

9.) Royalty Free Music is a resource list of websites that provide music that is free to download and publish or use. Great for presentations.

10.) Monkey Machine is a free online drum machine for creating drum loops and providing rhythmic accompaniment for musicians.

11.) Inudge is a website to create music using nothing but your mouse. You can select different instruments and notes and create music.

12.) 10 Online Resources Where You Can Learn to Read Music is a valuable resource that provides a link, image, and explanation of ten sites to learn how to read music. Great for your students struggling with this concept.

13.) I found this great blog post from the InTec InSights blog that contains several musical instrument interactives that would be great for classrooms with Interactive Whiteboards or Wireless Slates.

14.) The International Music Score Library Project is a music library to provide music scores free of charge to anyone with internet access, with several other projects in planning. IMSLP is also entirely collaborative, and all contributions are greatly welcome.

15.) is a great website to find lessons, exercises, and tools for teaching music. Free Technology for Teachers has a great blog post about it, so I will point you there instead of reinventing the wheel.

16.) Songsterr is a website that provides visitors with the music sheets for popular music so that students can learn to play the popular songs out there. It also plays it on the music on the web as well so you can hear it at the same time.

17.) Weezic is a website where you can choose your instrument, pick and print your music, and then be accompanied by an entire orchestra. If I had any musical talent, this site would be great!

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