Monday, July 16, 2012

Economic Impact of Nonprofit Arts & Culture Industry on the American Economy

This June, Americans for the Arts released the new Arts & Economic Prosperity IV (AEP IV) study demonstrating that the nonprofit arts and culture industry generates $135.2 billion in economic activity and supports 4.13 million jobs in the United States! These powerful findings from the largest and most comprehensive arts impact study ever conducted can help you showcase the economic power of the arts in your community and help you leverage more support.

Visit the AEP IV website to find information about the study and discover a number of related tools and resources that use this powerful new economic impact data:

  • Browse the national AEP IV map to find the community near you and download summaries and detailed findings from that study region.
  • Use the free AEP IV calculator to estimate the impact of the arts in your local community.
  • Utilize the AEP IV study materials to demonstrate to your stakeholders that the arts are crucial to your local economy. Visit the Americans for the Arts Online Store to order copies of the AEP IV report, report summaries, brochures, and slide rule calculators at bulk discounts. See the AEP IV Materials for Purchase section below for more details.

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