Tuesday, July 3, 2012

NEA FAC RA Meeting Minutes July 3, 2012

NEA RA 2012 - Washington DC
NEA FAC Meeting Minutes - TUESDAY, July 3, 2012 LUNCH BREAKConvention Center Room 147B

I.       Call to order, short introductions, texting update by Chair, McLaughlin (IA).  15 delegates in 

II.    Adoption of Agenda - Passed (Fry/Turici)

III. Adoption Minutes 07.02.2012 - Passed (Woodman/Rowe)

IV. NBI #1 - “Arts Advocacy Resource Guide”
A.       Text of Speeches delivered & not-delivered will be available on blogspot.
      B.    THANKS to all who covered mics.  Mics were all covered.  Special Thanks to these people
      for the extra leg-work in getting mics covered:  Patch(IA), Forsman(IL), Woodman(WA).  Thank
      yous will try to be delivered to all mic yielders.

Review NBI #36 “STEM to STEAM” Vote/Strategy

       A.  Discussed several options of how to deal with the cost of $168,912.  Options could be: 

      (1) Withdraw NBI; (2) Modify to lower cost; (3) Leave NBI as is with Meikel (CO) speak- 
      however, in last 15 seconds withdraw due to costs; (4) Continue to bring it forth and let floor

        B.  Motion made (Fry/Rowe) w/unanimous voice vote, w/this subcommittee of Meikel,

        Fitzwater, Turici, Thompson, McLaughlin, Nicklay this action #36:  Modify to lower cost by
        using tools established in NBI#1 to get language modified to accomplish.

 Booth Update
A.       Membership recruiting - possible problem due to poor location; less traffic; we’ll wait and see
B.    Raffle Basket
            1.       Try to get a photograph
2.    Sales $ for scholarships & Arts Partnerships
VII.          Elections Procedures & Committee
        A.    Voting to occur Thursday 11am-2pm (Motion Poen/Highlander; voice vote approved   unanimous)
              B. Voting locations to be booth and Cafe (Motion Turici/Fry; voice vote approved
        C. Canvassing Committee - Bridget Holderman/Jeannie Highlander will co-chair canvassing
        D.    Identification to vote will be your ribbon and/or membership card.
VIII.        Constitutional & Procedural Readings
              A.    Spring Membership  (underlined is new)  The membership year shall be from the first 
             day of each NEA Representative Assembly to the last day of the next NEA Representative
             Assembly.   Members who join in the calendar year prior to the first day of NEA
              Representative Assembly, shall have full rights and privileges until until the last day of the
              next calendar year NEA Representative Assembly.

Adding Lifetime Membership

Split Current combined Dance/Drama into separate Committees:  Dance & Drama

Executive Committee Responsibilities  will include: setting up/striking and working the NEA
             FAC booth, regularly attending phone conference calls, participating in collaborative 
             emails/work, representing the caucus in one's home state, etc.  Further, members of the 
             Executive Committee need to chair a particular committee
A.       Scholarship
B.    Newsletter
            C. State Caucus Start-Ups
D. Booth
E.    Floor Strategy
X.        Banner Procedures & Protocols--The banners are available for NEA FAC members to
have at their local/regional meetings.  Shipping and Insurance are responsibility of
borrower.   Insure for at least $515.
XI.   Announcements - none

XII.   Adjournment - Moved/Seconded (Caruso/Fairfield)

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